Sunday, February 25, 2007

New Plans

Well, adjustments in life require new plans. I was able to get health insurance through the company I work for. That's one very big relief that I'm thankful for.

Retirement plans have changed, though. My husband will begin collecting on his retirement. In order to avoid any tax penalty for drawing early before age 59 1/2, he'll have to take a set amount for the next five years. Right now, the estimates show that he'll be able to collect approximately what he had been currently earning. I will continue to work for five more years and retire when I am 60. *sigh* Not what I wanted to do, but it will keep us in good health insurance and my income coming in until my husband is then able to collect a larger amount to make up for my income when I stop working.

So, like it or not, that's the new retirement plan.


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