Friday, May 19, 2006

Electronics and Computer Stuff

I had a problem with my secondary scanner that I use for sending work faxes. My laptop wouldn't recognize that the scanner was attached. When I turned on the scanner, the little light flashed quickly and then went out. Couldn't scan a thing. So, I switched to my other scanner on my other system and sent my faxes, I hate to do that, though because the faxes are then saved on my non-work computer. I thought the Microtek Scanner was dead though and was thinking about what to do, whether to just get a cheapo to send work faxes or not. But, this scanner is the only one I have that will scan negatives and slides. So, I was bummed. Finally, thought, oh well, let's just reboot. So, I left the scanner turned on, rebooted my laptop and voila! it worked. The light came on, the laptop recognized the scanner and I'm back in business.

Moral of story... when in doubt, reboot. ;o)

Got the replacement motherboard for Manda's KT7-RAID that died a few years ago. Some history... there were bad capacitors used on many motherboards, the Abit Kt7s were one. Someone instigated a class-action lawsuit against Abit regarding these motherboards that failed and they won. So, Abit said that they would either repair or replace the motherboards that had failed. Manda and I each had the same KT7 model of motherboard. Hers failed completely, died one day. When she got home, dead computer. So, she ended up getting her new motherboard and rebuilding her system. I did the same thing, but I didn't wait until my KT7 died completely, but I could see the tell-tale signs of the capacitors on mine beginning to bulge so I knew it was just a matter of time. I registered both motherboards with Abit for the class-action lawsuit and sent them both back. Mine was replaced by another KT7-RAID board. For Manda's though, I was given a choice of a different replacement motherboard. I selected the NF7-S motherboard, which is comparable to the motherboard we both have in our systems now. I just got the board yesterday, and I'm rather excited about it (doesn't take much to get ME excited, I guess *vbg*) and I really want to build a new system using it. They sent me not only the motherboard, but all the fru-fru that goes with it. Even a serial ATA to PATA adapter for a hard drive. I just need to decide which of my many computers I want to replace with it and where I'm going to put it. I'd like to replace my $7 Compaq, but I'd need a desktop (not a tower) ATX case for it to fit it into my computer room. So, I've got a lot of decisions to make, but I'd really like to use it in a new system. I think it will be a great system when I get it built. I only hope I can find the case and necessary stuff to build it. I figure I can do it for less than $200.


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