Sunday, April 03, 2011

Some Days

I've really kinda been feeling down the last few days. I miss Rusty, who went to the Rainbow Bridge in November, 2010. He's kind of left a hole in my heart. I know those of you who are pet owners understand exactly what I mean. More than anyone else in the world, next to small children, our pets love us unconditionally. They never criticize us, never tell us we said or did something stupid. They just love us completely no matter what we do. We will never find that in any person. They all have their judgments of us. They never completely accept us for who we are. That's just how it is. And, for those of you who have never had a pet, well... I feel you really have missed something.

Rusty passed away November 6, 2010. He lived to be nearly 20 years old. He was something. Those last few days were hard for me, I knew he wasn't doing real well, and that last day when he stopped eating everything, including his beloved whipped cream, I knew. I took him to the vet hoping there was a quick fix, but I think deep down in my soul, I knew. He deteriorated so drastically that last day, and the next morning I called the vet and took him in. Now he sits in a wooden box, today he's on my computer desk. I originally put him in the window where he liked to sit, but now he's here with me.

I miss him a lot. I know some people would wonder about that since he did become a quite crabby guy in his later years, but as I age, I think I understand that too. It's not easy getting old. Don't let anyone kid you. There's no gold in those golden years, they're quite tarnished these days. No one wants to deal with or be bothered with you when you get older.

And for anyone who's interested and would like to meet my Rusty, his blog is here: Rusty's World. He was such a part of my life for a very long time.


Anonymous type 2 diabetes said...

I feel you. i have a pet and i cant imagine life without them. if only we can be with them for the rest of our lives. Just remember all the great and happy times you shared, you will notice eventually you will smile...and Rusty is smiling back at you from cat heaven.

6:25 AM  

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