Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A lot has happened!

Since the last time I posted. My husband finally began receiving his retirement money. At Last! We got the first deposit the beginning of November. It really helps out around here these days. He's still working though. Doesn't mind it a whole lot and I'm still collecting unemployment (maybe, I'm now up for my first extension).

Things are falling apart here in Michigan at a fast clip. Unemployment is up to 11% and jobs are being lost on a daily basis. There's no available jobs at all here in the County I live in. The newspapers are just full of foreclosure notices. It's like falling into a pit. Michigan has been going downhill for a long time, much longer than the rest of the country.

We dealt with a lot of death in the family last year. First my mother passed away in June and then my sister in November. My mother died from pneumonia, my sister had a brain aneurysm that burst and caused extensive damage to her cerebellum and brain stem. Irreversible damage. They pulled her off life support on November 1st and she passed away immediately. She was only 51 years old. It was a difficult time for the family, since she was the baby of the family.

This winter has been so horrible! I will be so glad when it's finally over and spring comes! Way too much snow and COLD! What happened to global warming????? Today is supposed to be near 60 though, which is great since we surely need a respite from the cold.

That's about it in a nutshell for now.


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