Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nutcrackers and Other Thoughts

I didn't get to see the Nutcracker Ballet this year. So, right now I have the CD of the music playing. Almost as good... almost, but not quite.

Christmas is a little over a week away. I haven't even started my shopping yet. I am so behind this year. And, with the weather, I may not be able to get out and shop until June! Yep, it's snowing again today. They're predicting 5-8 inches for my area. I have not seen this much snow before Christmas as far back as I can remember. I had hoped to go out tonight to do some shopping, but I think that's not going to happen. It may be gift cards for everyone this year.

I didn't go to work today either. I called my boss this morning and he agreed that the roads were pretty treacherous and that I should just stay home. I live out in a rural area too, which doesn't help. They don't get roads cleared here until days after a storm. *sigh* The other lady I work with made it into the office but bailed out between noon and 1pm. So, I guess payroll and the banking will have to just wait until tomorrow.

I hate winter, I really do. Even though I've had a nice day staying at home (I still worked, I have lots of things I can do) but still, I'd rather have stuck to my regular schedule and gotten things done rather than having to face it all over again tomorrow.

But, the music from the Nutcracker sounds very nice. And, I'm enjoying the glass of wine in my hand. Guess I can't really ask for better, can I?


Blogger julia said...

I'm rather ashamed to admit that I haven't even put up my tree yet. I think I take the slacker prize this year.

3:14 PM  

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