Sunday, November 13, 2005


I've got an older computer that I use for backing up files. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done on my network. And, well, the price was right ($7 for the box.) It's an older Compaq Deskpro SFF ENS/P600, it has 512MB RAM and right now, I have it running Windows 98SE. It's been having a time issue with Windows, every couple days it loses time. But, when you reboot, the time goes to the correct setting because the BIOS is keeping time just fine. Also, when the time gets funky, other strange things happen, like the mouse cursor gets a bit choppy and acts like there's a lag time between the computer and the mouse, so it doesn't quite move like it should. But, again, when you reboot, everything goes back to just fine. I know what you're going to tell me now. Change the CMOS battery. So, I finally got around to doing that today. Took out the old battery and looked at it. Oh, oh, a Renata brand battery. I've had some bad experiences with Renata batteries, they're cheap and well, let's just say in my experience they don't always work as they should. So, the computer has a brand new CR2032 Energizer on the motherboard now. We'll see how it does, however, when I tested the old Renata with my multimeter, it checked out at 3.13v. That means, voltage-wise the battery is good. CR2032s are 3.0v lithium batteries, so a check of 3.13v is not out of the range for good. So now we get to see if the new battery makes any difference or not. I'll know in a couple days.

I did come across a forum, can't remember where it was though, when I first began noticing this issue and read that others have also experienced it with these particular computers. One fix mentioned was to disable the Energy Saving Feature in the BIOS and allow Windows to handle it. I've tried that with no success either. Maybe I'll email Compaq Tech Support and see what they have to say. Besides, I haven't chatted with anyone in India for awhile now. ;o)

Sometimes, like Manda, I hate computers. ;o)


Blogger Manda said...

Good luck with that Compaq support. If the machine is out of warranty they dont like to talk to you without a credit card number. :)

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