Sunday, March 18, 2007

In Memory of Grady (03/1991 - 01/18/2007)

On January 18th, Grady passed away. He was nearly 16 years old. He was so sick and had lost an extreme amount of weight. While we never got a confirmed diagnosis the vet felt that, more than likely, he had liver cancer.

This is in his memory, he was a very special cat. I miss him every day.

Grady came to live with us on April 10, 1991. He was the cutest little thing. He weighed 1lb 14oz. He was born in the attic of a store downtown, not too far from my home.


He grew up to become a very large cat, and a very handsome one.


And, he spent a lot of time those hot summer days, lying in the catnip, his favorite spot in the garden. We buried him there. I sprinkled catnip into his grave because he really loved it and I wanted him to have it in the afterlife.

When he got older, he really became a sun-worshiper and liked lying in the sun that shone through the living room windows.

I guess he felt warmer that way.

Rusty misses him too.

He was such a special, wonderful guy, who said very little. His eyes always spoke volumes so I guess he never really felt the need to speak. I know, deep in my heart, that he now rests in the arms of the angels.

I miss him so much and I know I'll love and miss him every day of my life.

Grady (03/1991-01/18/2007)