Friday, March 31, 2006


I am so glad it's Friday. It's been a stressful week. Work has been crazy as always and I'm looking forward to a weekend of just being away from it.

We've found something that we thought we might like to try for a vacation one year, Windjammer Cruises . They sound so fun and laid back, a lot more relaxed than your typical cruises. Something we'll probably consider doing one day soon.

Everyone have a great weekend.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Winter Blahs

I know, it's supposed to be spring, but weather-wise it's still so much like winter. I am so tired of winter. The cold, gray days. I need warmth and sunshine. Gives me the blahs, don't really feel like doing anything, but don't want to sit around doing nothing either. I sure hope the weather gets better very soon.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Blog Reading

Well, it's obvious to me that no one reads my blogs anymore. I must be terribly boring.

You know you're at the computer too long when...

Your cat comes in from the outside and immediately runs through the house to your computer and looks at your chair to see if you're sitting there.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I got an email from XM-Radio about getting a special deal to get a second Roady XT with car kit and free activation for $39.00. We talked about it for a bit and decided it would be nice to have a second one to use in the truck on trips and when we don't use the truck, we'd just put it in the house to use and leave the one in my car (since I always forget to take the one from the house and put it in the car). Sounded like a pretty ok deal. So, I go to the website and enter in my "special code" number and after reading the terms of the deal (you have to agree to 6 months at $6.99 for this radio on the family plan... yada, yada, yada) which I click "I agree to" and then the website shows $29.00 for the price. Huh? So, now we're concerned whether this is the same deal and does this one come with the car kit and all. So, I call XMRadio to ask and make sure. Well I get this fellow with a strong accent (I'm sure he's in India) who proceeds to tell me I can have the radio free under the very same terms! Huh? This is getting better and better all the time. All I have to pay is $10.20 shipping, I'll get my new Roady XT in 8-10 days and I just have to call to have it refreshed when I get it since it's supposed to come already activated. Ok, I can do that. He tells me that this free deal is only one per customer and it's only for current XMRadio customers. So, this deal that started out $39.00 in an email and then became $29.00 on the website is now free when I made a phone call. What if I hadn't made the phone call? Would I have ended up paying $29.00? Probably. Hmmmmm.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


They're back. We saw a Robin this morning. I knew it wouldn't be long once I starting hearing the geese honking on their way back north. Now, it's official, the robins are back. It means Spring is here! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Finally!!!!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Eye Problems and Getting Older

I'm begining to think this getting old stuff sucks. There just ain't no grace in getting old. The other afternoon I suddenly experienced a large amount of eye floaters that looked like black spider webs in my right eye. Oh, oh. Having had diabetes for so many years makes me concerned about any changes in vision. A quick call to the Opthamologist and I was set for an appointment the next day.

Turns out I have what they call "Posterior Vitreous Detachment". As people reach middle age, the vitreous gel that fills the eyeball may start to thicken or shrink, forming clumps or strands inside the eye. It can pull away from the back wall of the eye, causing a posterior vitreous detachment. The doctor explained that normally the vitreous gel is smooth like saran wrap, but when it pulls away, it scrunches up and that's what the floaters are that I'm seeing. This is more common for nearsighted people as they age, and I am definitely very nearsighted. Great. When this condition becomes a serious problem is if the vitreous gel pulls on the retina causing it to become torn or detached. This can cause permanent vision loss if it's not treated quickly. So, I've been cautioned to watch for flashing light and any loss of vision in my right eye. Great. Something else to be concerned about, as if I don't have enough already.

Now, I don't want to alarm anyone because you've had floaters, floaters in the eye are very common, especially as we age, and are generally are nothing to worry about. Everyone pretty much experiences them and you see them mostly when looking at white or light surfaces in brighter light. But, if you notice a sudden increase in them, as I did, it may be a sign of a more serious problem and a visit to a good opthamologist may be in order.

My eye doctor also told me that the floaters I'm experiencing now may or may not get better with time. I hope they do. When you depend on your vision as much as I do, having this black thing floating around in my eye, in and out of my field of vision, is very distracting. I hate it.

So, that's my exciting life. I was hoping to grow old gracefully, but so far, there's been no grace for me in getting old.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I'm bummed

The Vo-Tech Center I've been taking classes at called today to tell me my Network+ Certification class has been cancelled due to lack of enrollment. They needed to have a minimum of five people enrolled and there was only two of us. I am so bummed. So, now I'm checking around to see if there's other schools that have a similar type of training. I found a place in Toledo, but oh, they are so very expensive. Over $1,000 to take the Network+ Certification class there! Ouch! So, I'm still looking. *sigh*